PPS specialises in locating land no matter what size or condition it may be in, and turning it into a profitable asset for the landowner, or organisation.

There are many car park management services that we at PPS offer, all tailored to suit individual needs depending on the size and location of the potential car park.

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  • No Set Up Costs
  • Generate Funds
  • Pay & Display Income
  • Contracts From 3 Months
  • Enforcement
  • Approved BPA Operator
  • DVLA Authorised
  • Bespoke Monitoring & IT Systems
  • Vast experience
11-03-2014 PPS takes over North Devon car park
The latest car park to come under the professional management of PPS is on Exeter Road, Braunton in North Devon. The 33 space car park has now become a Pay & Display facility replacing the former barrier system.

PPS General Manager said: "For this type of car park Pay & Display offers a far more reliable and accountable system. Also, by ensuring that everyone pays for the time they want to park, there is a fair rotation of space available which doesn’t block off new visitors and new business."
11-03-2014 Genuine Appeals Feedback from Driver
"Thank you for taking the time to consider my appeal. I have read your letter, website and the POPLA website and understand now why I am liable for the charge (the ticket was incorrectly displayed). Sorry for taking up your time and you will receive the reduced payment from me very shortly. You have handled this case efficiently and fairly still providing me the opportunity to pay the reduced amount."
10-03-2014 POPLA appeals and pre-estimation of loss
In the latest round of Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) service adjudications PPS continue to win these appeals including where drivers have relied on a perceived genuine pre-estimation of loss issue. The advice given on many internet forums is inaccurate, so please be aware that this is NOT a genuine reason for appeal and as can be seen from these adjudications this is not accepted by POPLA.
Examples of recent adjudications found in our favour can be seen here:

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Adjudication 2
Adjudication 3
Adjudication 4
Adjudication 5
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